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Transforming our Cities, our Nation, and the World with the  Love of Jesus



Our very heart is to care for and show the love of Christ to those not only in our local community but to as many as we have the opportunity to reach beyond our borders. We have blessed to be able to serve and support a precious community in Managua, Nicaragua. Children, who would not otherwise have , come to receive hot meals, an education, and spiritual nurishment. At least once a year, our missions team brings gift and clothing to the children of the mission. We thank God for his great provisions and open doors that has allowed us to give scholarships to six university students to cover their tuition, establish a soup kitchen, fresh water, electricity, and plumbing to the mission. We excited to be entereing into other campuses in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Coloumbia.

Managua, Nicaragua




Coming soon to NJI Missions is our expansion to serving communities in the Dominican Republic and Columbia. We're calling this project Transforming Communities by the Power of His Love - because it's truly His love that transforms! Stay connected with us to see what God is doing and where He's taking us.

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