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If you've dreampt of continuing your studies and preparing yourself in the Word of God, to serve Him in the area to which He has called you to serve, the International Biblical Institute gives you that opportunity. IBI offers you classes once a week at an affordable cost.


This is your time to realize your dream!

Elvin & Miriam Gonzalez




Prepare competent servants and ministers so that through the exercise of their God given gifts and knowledge they will be instruments of God to bring His Church to Its maturity and divine purpose.


The International Bible Institute's objective is for each student to :

  • Acquire a basic education in the knowledge of God's Word.

  •  Receive adequate preparation to minister as an approved worker.

  •  Develop a passion for God's work and receive direction from the Holy Spirit.

  •  Develop your gifts by implementing and putting into practice lessons learned.


Each course is studied over a period of four weeks. Classes are held once a week for a period of 2 hours. Thus, one course is studied per month. The course includes 8 hours of class per month, weekly homework assignments and an exam or formal work to be done, as required by the course. ** Ministerial Practice is done under the supervision of the pastor of the church or by a minister assigned by him.

Year One Classes

Year Two Classes

Year Three Classes

  • Theology 1

  • Old Testament1

  • Nuevo Testament 1

  • Christian Character

  • How to Study the Bible

  • Finances and the Believer

  • Principles of Faith

  • Principles of Prayer

  • Explosive Evangelism

  • Ministerial Practice 1 **

  • Theology 2

  • Old Testament 2

  • New Testament 2

  • The Tabernacle and Worship

  • Ministry Gifts

  • Spiritual Gifts

  • Biblical Leadership

  • Spiritual Warfare

  • Spiritual Authority

  • Ministerial Practice 2 **

  • Theology 3

  • Old Testament 3

  • New Testament 3

  • Homiletics

  • Explosive Education

  • Missions

  • The Christian Family

  • History of The Church

  • Modern False Religions

  • Ministerial Practice 3 **


Registration - $ 25

Monthly fees for the course:

Credit students- $ 40

Audit students- $ 25

Some of our campuses offer classes in both languages: Spanish and English. The day and time for each class will vary according to what each campus offers

There will be a graduation at the end of each year. Students will receive an annual certificate and at end of the three years, for those students receiving credits, the students will receive their diploma.


Programs (3 years)

Credit students - Receive IBI diploma

Audit students - Receive certificate of atendance

For more informaiton contact our main office at

3101 Kingsway Rd PO Box 635

Seffner, FL 33583



take a look at our Location Page to contact

the campus closest to you diretly.

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