Did you know that we have been waiting for you? God promised us that He would send people from many places, languages and nationalities. Today you, who visit us through this mean, are part of that promise. It is our wish that this visit be a blessing for your life. If you reside in the area of Tampa Bay, we invite you to join us for our services or to any of our events. Here we will be waiting with open arms to bless your life.

Pastors Elvin and Miriam González

Latest News

  • Servicio de Resurrección - Domingo 20 de abril. Por amor Jesucristo dio Su vida en la cruz, pero al tercer día resucitó. Este domingo celebraremos Su victoria en todas las iglesias del ministerio NJI. Te invitamos a que nos acompañes a uno de nuestros servicios de celebración.
    Resurrection service - Sunday April 20. Jesus Christ gave His live at the cross but on the third day He conquered the death. He is risen! This Sunday we will celebrate His victory in all NJI churches. We invite you to join us in this great celebration!

  • Encuentro para Damas serà del 2 al 4 de mayo. Te puedes registar en una de la iglesias de nuestro ministerio o llamar a nuestras oficinas y hablar con Laura (813-684-2754)
    Next Women's Encounter: May 2-4. You may register in one of our churches or call Laura.